River Forest Yachting Centers have been recognized by several of the large insurance companies and designated as pre-approved hurricane coded marine facilities. The insurance companies' engineers and safety inspectors have concluded that based on the inland locations, construction methods, and meticulous maintenance; RFYC facilities are superior to other options making it an excellent insurance risk.

RFYC offers inside storage to protect your boat not only from the sun and wind, but also from lightning which is a major cause of claims during the summer months. RFYC also offers outside land storage with tie down cleats and straps your boat down in the event of a wind storm to keep it safe and secure. RFYC has also developed a members only Hurricane Club to protect the boats of local customers who choose to stay in Florida and need a refuge from the storm. 

As a result of storing with RFYC, qualified boat owners may receive up to a 20% credit off of their hull premium while maintaining full Florida coverage which we have been informed is a highly unusual credit, never before provided in the State of Florida. RFYC is happy to provide insurance referrals upon request.

Storage Contact

Tracy L. Campbell

Director of Client Services
P: 772-287-4131
F: 772-287-4148

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